Continuous Professional Development

The Institute has been conducting one-to-five days of short training programmes for teachers of UT Administration. During these programmes, it was observed that the teachers who have done their Diploma in Education, lack in practical training and do not possess appropriate communication skills. In short programmes, the teachers do not get enough time to hone their skills and reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses. In order to make the training programmes effective, the teachers need continuous professional support. Keeping this in mind, Dr Vandana Lunyal has come up with a new model for in-service teacher training. It works by giving them a staggered course which will keep them oriented with the course content both while attending the course at the Institute and while away from the Institute and attending the need of their students in the schools. Dr Lunyal’s In-Service Staggered Teacher Training Model has been piloted by RIE under the CPD programme in the academic session 2016-17 with a group of 40 in-service teachers of Chandigarh Administration with excellent results and feedback.  RIE introduced the programme in a staggered manner over the year from July 2016 to January 2017. This progarmme has a framework through which teachers can progress and are able to improve their skills, behavior and knowledge.

Continuous Profesional Development Course 2022-23
Topic: National education Policy 2020

CPD programme for teachers of Chandigarh Administration.