RIE organised a lot of online activities in wake of COVID-19 situations. The 4-month PGCTE course became a 20-week online course; the 8-week CPD course became a 16-week o line course. RIE also conducted online courses for MA English.

Besides, RIE organised some international and national webinars and also some online competitions for teachers, students and the general public.


Online Inter-college Slogan Writing Competition

Online Inter-college Poetry Reading Competition


National Webinar on From Conducting to Publishing Teacher Research: A Brisk Walk

Engaging Learner Online: The how and why of Learning

International Webinar on Making the Best of Teaching online

Webinar on Teaching Listening Using Technology as on 17.09.2020

National Webinar on Let’s talk about Photography as on 18.09.2020

A Webinar on National Education Policy 2020: The Future of Education in India as on 24.09.2020

RIE organised a series of online workshops for the benefit of MA English students of Chandigarh on research and Methodology.