Dear students when the going gets tough the tough gets going… These are few of the choices which we must make for ourselves, our family, our nation.

  1. Just stay indoors…
  2. Keep on studying 4 to 5 hours.
  3. Exercise/meditation/for an hour/
  4. Learn a foreign language through you tube/learn a new subject /course online.
  5. Help your parents in cooking/cleaning the house /
  6. Show gratitude to grandparents/elders…
  7. Most importantly learn to take control of your mind .Do not fall prey to video games and online games .
  8. Read a classic novel in language of your choice .
  9. Talk with your family members, Be Frank and Honest….
  10. Try to eat /prepare /breakfast ;lunch ;and dinner together .
  11. Pray together….stay Healthy happy and motivated.