The Library of the Institute is housed in a hall measuring 1320 Sq.ft on the ground floor of the Institute building. The Library hall is surrounded by noise free and inviting reading environment for the readers.

The Library hall has the facility to accommodate 30 readers at a time to access the information resources available in the Library. It is open for 07 hours. The Library remains closed on all Gazetted holidays, Saturday and Sunday. Lending services are available Monday to Friday 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.

Library of the Institute is a Resource Centre for academic and research activities in the areas of Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature’s in English and foreign languages. Since 2010, the Library has also build-up a huge collection of reading material on English Literature and Literary Criticism. A state-of-the-art library in the field of English, it supports the academic work at the institute providing both print and digital resources for the study of language teaching, linguistics, and English literature. The major objective of the library is to provide relevant and up-to-date bibliographic information to the faculty, research scholars, and students at the Institute. The Library also has a primary center and it organizes library related competitions and book exhibitions from time to time.

The Library subscribes to 35 Periodicals and has a collection of more than 30,000 books  and other documents in the subject fields of Humanities, Social Sciences; Information and Communication Technology; Management and other related areas. Library also has a membership of INFLIBNET. The Library hall is inviting reading environment for the readers and the best library in the field of ELT. You can search the books using OPAC @ RIE-OPAC

To access e-books of library on intranet at the institute. Click on the picture of e-books.