ISSN: 0976-1306

CHIEF EDITOR: vandanalunyal@hotmail.com

The Institute publishes an FELT journal FELT bi-annually. FELT is a non-profit, non-commercial Journal. It is devoted to English language teaching from the primary to the university level. It provides a forum for teachers of English to discuss their problems relating to the teaching of English in India through papers, abstracts of reports related to language teaching and book reviews.


Important Dates

Submission of full paper: 30 June

Notification to Authors: 31st July

Submission of paper after correction: 30 Sept

Original papers are invited for the forthcoming issue of RIE Journal ‘FELT (Focus on English Language Teaching: ISSN: 0976-1306)’

FELT is a bi-annual journal for those interested in the teaching and learning of English. It is designed to serve as a medium for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and discussing common problems related to the theory and practice of English Language Teaching.

Papers, based on practice/research / best practices/case studies/user studies/ surveys, etc., related to the theme – Textual Analysis

Author Guidelines:

Authors have to follow the instructions and format outlined below while submitting the research paper:

  • Title of the paper shall explicitly indicate the focus of the research work
  • Include name, affiliation and address of the author(s) with a contact number and email
  • The informative abstract of about 100 to 150 words to be included
  • At least three significant subject indicative keywords shall be provided
  • Length of the paper shall not be more than 5000 words
  • The paper shall be in MS-Word format with Font – Times New Roman, Size – 12, and Line Space – 1.5
  • APA style guidelines are to be followed for text as well as rendering references and illustrations such as photographs, charts, graphs, drawings and diagrams.

The paper submitted will be peer-reviewed by a panel of experts/members of the Editorial Committee. Accepted papers will be published in the Journal.

Terms and Conditions:

By virtue of submission and the supporting e-mail, the authors give Director RIE, the Exclusive Copyright to publish and reproduce the articles, diagrams, maps and images online and in hard paper formats and on other digital formats like CD/DVD, etc unlimited number of copies at any time.

The authors are responsible for getting permission from the Copyright Holders for the reproduction of articles, long quotations, diagrams, maps and images.

The authors will NOT be paid for their writings/works as FELT is a non-profit, non-commercial Journal.


Subscription Details:


  • One Year: Rs 800/-
  • Two Years: Rs 1200/-


  • One Year: Rs 2000/-
  • Two Years: Rs 3000/-

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.


For more information, please send mail to: jyo_sing441@yahoo.in