Department rejects English for technical reason

While on one hand the Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy is batting for English medium in government schools, on the other, the Higher Education Department officials do not seem to place that much importance on the language.

Turns out a panel set up by department has rejected an offer from the Cambridge University UK to conduct A2 to B1 level (of the total 11 levels of English language learning) for engineering, polytechnic, diploma and MBA students of government and aided colleges.

This has sparked a severe criticism against the department. It might be noted that the biggest technical universities are facing a dearth in placements only because the companies reject the candidates stating that they are not ‘good in communication skills’. An academician said, “A big number of students are rejected only because they lack basic communication skills despite being good with their technical concepts.”

New textbook to help teaching English as a Second Language

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