Inauguration of VENTEL Courses: A Report

Date: 22-10-20

Place: Chandigarh

The Regional Institute of English takes enormous pride in announcing that MGCNRE has recognized RIE as one of its VENTEL Centre. Under this scheme, RIE designed three courses and got these three VENTEL Courses inaugurated virtually by Worthy Dr W.G Prasanna Kumar, Chairman MGNCRE, Ministry of education, GOI on 22-10-20.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Prasanna Kumar lauded the efforts of RIE and said that these courses are based on experiential learning, community capacity building and community engagement. Emphasizing the need for such initiatives, Worthy Dr Prasanna highlighted that Vocational Education entails learning to change one’s behaviour to enhance the quality of life through work and values, without or along with formal schooling. If the learning through the vocational approach enhances self-employment and economic productivity of the people then the war against poverty can be fought and conquered in a constructive way. He emphasized that Vocational education can play a vital role to improve their standard of life and to help them participate in national development. Lauding the leadership and efforts made by the director RIE, he said that such programmes are integral to the spirit of VENTEL.

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr Vandana Lunyal, the Director, welcomed the Chairperson and gave an overview of RIE and its history. She introduced the Institute and its functioning to the audience. Dr Vandana Lunyal highlighted the fact that the institute a reputation for excellence in Teacher Training and Material Production for English Language Teaching.  She also talked briefly about the courses and how these courses will help the participants of course. The courses at RIE including VENTEL are constantly updated to meet the changing needs of participants and to provide participants with specialized content relevant to professional, vocational and personal success in a rapidly changing world. RIE is giving these courses free of cost, to begin with. and the courses to the eminent audience

Dr Jyoti Singh introduced the Chief Guest Dr Prasanna Kumar and Dr Shatrughan Bhardwaj who graced the occasion.

The meeting was organized on Zoom and there were seventy-nine participants for the inauguration.

A Brief Introduction of Worthy Dr WG Prasanna Kumar

Dr. W G Prasanna Kumar, Chairman, Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), holds Ph.D in Education with basic degree in Social Work and Master’s Degree in Sociology, Public Administration and Political Science. He also has professional education in Environmental Economics, Public Relations, Communication, and Training and Development. Under his leadership, MGNCRE has done instrumental work in building rural resilience including rural community engagement and Nai Talim – Experiential Learning. The several areas of functional work envisaged and implemented successfully by Dr. W G Prasanna Kumar include Curriculum Development Programmes, Course Material Preparation, Faculty Development Programmes, Workshops, Roundtables, Rural Immersion Training Programmes, Swachhta Action Plan Activities, Community Engagement Programmes, Rural Management Programmes, Nai Talim Programmes, WASH Volunteerism Programmes in collaboration with UNICEF and UBA Activities. The national initiative of reviving Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas of Nai Talim, spearheaded by Dr. W G Prasanna Kumar, has met unprecedented success at both national and state levels. As Professor and Head, Centre for Climate Education and Disaster Management in Dr. MCRHRD Institute, he conducts several capacity building and action research programmes in climate education, disaster management and crowd management.